LC Products LLC
Premier Partner of Axon International Consumer Products

Hello Everyone,

Thank you for looking into LC Products LLC!  Our company was created as a premier partner of Axon International consumer Taser products.
Our job is to offer the best possible self-defense weapons to our retailers, to maximize profitability and offer their consumers the best self-defense weapons available. We pride ourselves in being able to provide and deliver great products with competitive prices and fast shipping times to our dealer/retailer network to support their businesses.

Why work with us?
Whether you are a start up retailer with a storefront, online business, door-to-door, self defense party, gun show booth, flea market booth or any other manner of selling goods; we are here to help you grow!

Trust in the fact that as your distributor our goal is to help you identify the best self-defense products to offer your consumers!
We look forward to working with you! Please feel free to call or email us today to start your account with us!

Phone: 972-754-2278
Email: [email protected]